Vice president


Vice President of the Management Board, is also Vice President of the Association, and in the absence of the President is authorized to represent the Association, chaired and to sign all financial documents on behalf of the Association. Vice president oversees and coordinates the work of the Management Board, care of respect the laws and legal regulations, controls in terms of meeting the procedures and policies prescribed by the PMI®, oversees the financial activities of the Association. The Vice President is a member with full voting rights in all committees established by the Association with the exception of the Election Commission.

The Vice President takes over official contact between PMI® (Project Management Institute) and the Association for Project Management – PMI Chapter (FYROM) Macedonia  (PMI Chapter (FYROM) Macedonia ) in case the President’s incapability.

Jasmina Buhova, Vice President of PMI Chapter Macedonia, is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in management of projects, departments and accounts in various domains – Banking, Finance and Health industry. She has a Master’s degree in Project Management and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. She is passionate about introducing best practices in project management and sharing knowledge about new insights in the area of leadership. With experience in agile, hybrid and classical project management for both large and smaller scale implementations, she can compare and tailor the approach based on the company’s and clients’needs. She is now part of Qinshift, a European-based Tech and Consultancy Company, which is solving business challenges for forward-thinking companies worldwide.