Management Board

Management board of the PMI Chapter North Macedonia:

  • Dolores Ananieva
  • Jasmina Buhova
  • Slavica Nedelkovska
  • Katerina Tumbovska Trencev
  • Marjan Gjorgjiev

Management Board  is an executive body, whose main goal is implementation of the objectives of the Association and other organizational, professional, technical, administrative, financial and educational activities. The Management Board  consists of 5 members, including founders and President of the Association.

  1. President (who is also a President of the Association)
  2. Vice President (who is also a Vice President of the Association)
  3. Director of finance and administration.
  4. Director for professional development.
  5. Director of membership and promotion.

The mandate of the Management Board lasts 1 year with the right to re-election. The Management Board functions during their sessions.

The Management Board performs the following activities:

  • Manage the Association;
  • Prepares the Assembly sessions;
  • Propose amendments to the Statute of the Association;
  • Implements the policy, conclusions and decisions adopted by the Assembly; adopt a strategic plan for the operation of the Association;
  • Initiates projects and provides support;
  • Adopt financial decision;
  • Adopt other general acts stipulated in the Statute;
  • Decide on the membership fee;
  • Provides guidance on professional development;
  • Discusses and gives an opinion on selection, dismissal and promotion of its members,
  • Decides on cooperation with other related organizations;
  • Prepares annual and periodical report on its work;
  • Performs other duties within its framework;

The Management Board of the Association as a rule meets at four times annually on call by the President. The Management Board of the Association may work if the session is attended by more than three members. Decisions and conclusions are adopted by a majority vote of present members. Each Management Board’s member has one vote which may be used exclusively and personally during the vote.