ASSEMBLY of the Chapter

The highest body of the Organization is the Assembly. Members of the Assembly are all active members. The Assembly of the Organization for project management – PMI Chapter Macedonia (FYROM) has the following duties and obligations:

  • Adopts the Statute and gives authentic interpretation of it;
  • Adopts program, directions and working plan;
  • Decides on changes of goals of the Organization;
  • Decides on the termination of the Organization;
  • Decides on creation and termination and other forms of organization of the Association;
  • Elects and dismiss members of Organization bodies,
  • Executes other works in accordance with the Statute and general acts of the Organization.

The Assembly has a full right to decide based on the majority of votes from the present members in a session, in case if the minimum quorum of 10 % from the total number of members is fulfilled. Decision for changes or amendments to the Statute, as well as decision for termination of the Association can be made with 2/3 majority of the present members to the assembly. The Assembly can be held at least once per year, convened by the president of the Organization.