Profesional development


The Director of Professional Development and sponsorship is responsible for the preparation and implementation of programs on vocational and professional development which they will be proposed and accepted by all members of the Management Board. His responsibility is to promote and stimulate the project Director’s professional development and to promote the relevant professional development programs offered by PMI®. His responsibility will be providing new members and sponsors, in collaboration with the Director of Membership and promotion.

Marjan Gjorgjiev, Director for Professional Development at PMI Chapter Macedonia, boasts over 15 years of professional experience in overseeing projects, departments, and accounts across diverse domains. He holds a Master’s degree in Project Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. His passion lies in implementing best practices in project management and sharing insights on leadership advancements.

With a rich background in managing agile, hybrid, and traditional project management approaches for both large-scale and smaller-scale initiatives, Marjan has the ability to assess and customize strategies to align with the specific needs of companies and clients. Currently, he is a valued member of Qinshift, a European-based Tech and Consultancy Company dedicated to resolving business challenges for forward-thinking companies on a global scale.