Director of finance


The Director of finance and administration manages the funds of the Association, keeps the financial books and keeps record of the work of the Association, including records of working meetings, records of executive activities or activities performed to date and storage and administrate the archives of the Association. The Director of finance and administration is responsible for drafting the annual budget and financial plan which have to be revised by the Vice President and approved by the President. The Director of finance and administration is responsible for managing all necessary tax returns stemming from the legal regulations of the Republic Macedonia communicating with banks and accounting companies and other financial obligations for the Association’s operation.

Savica Nedelkovska is a dynamic professional with a rich background in finance management. In her role as a Project Manager, Savica has overseen diverse projects, showcasing exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for detail. Her ability to navigate through project life cycles, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes, has earned her a reputation for excellence in project management. Within the realm of finance, Savica has held influential roles where she effectively optimized financial processes and strategies. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics, her holistic approach to business management integrates both project and financial perspectives, driving success in every endeavor she undertakes. With a passion for achieving operational efficiency and financial excellence, Savica continues to make a significant impact in the field of project and finance management.