Dear Friends,

We would like to share with you our impressions and photos that captured the atmosphere from the event that PMI Macedonia Chapter organized for its members “Family Meets Projects”. We certainly had a pleasant time with our PM peers and family.

We visited the Exhibition Center Matka, then we had the opportunity to hear an inspiring and educational presentation by Prof. Vangel Fustikj and afterwards we visited the New Power Plant Matka.

The visit of the Matka – Exhibition Center was great especially for the youngest family members who had the chance to learn more about the history of electricity, the production of electric energy and alternative sources of electric energy.

It was inspiring and educational to hear and learn more about Matka Power Plant Project that was presented by Prof. Vangel Fustik.

Nevertheless we also had the chance to visit the New Power Plant Matka.

We are looking forward for our next gathering.

Yours PMI Macedonia Chapter