Dear Friends,

We would like to thank our presenters for their contribution in the First Balkan Project Leadership Summit, as well as to the participants in the event.

This event wouldn’t be happening without the support from the other PMI Balkan Chapters: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and the host Macedonia.

A huge thanks goes to PMI Global and Brightline Initiative, for allowing us to have Mr. Thomas Walenta PMI Board Member as their representative to the summit.

A special thanks goes to our board members: Ana Temelkoska – Iloski, Dolores Ananieva, Vangel Fushtikj and Tomislav Limbevski.

The summit woudn’t be as good as it was without our presenter Milan Shmigich, and of course without the support of our Volunteers: Eli, Emi, Jasna and Nesho.

As promised on the Summit we are sharing the presentations from our presenters for you reference, please find them here attached:

Leadership in Project Management as part of IT Governance Snezhana Cherepnalkovska Dukovska

Quantitative value of emotionally supportive work environment Jelena Janicijevic

Challenges of change management in highly complex projects and environments Kiril Buhov and Dejan Petkoski Do we realy like the changes Nenad Bestvina

How to get Garfield into the water Jasna Pleho

Project management & chaos Marko Jagodic

The Key to Mastering Communication – Dragana Milojevic

Jung at heart whats your personality colour Milan Smigic

Project leadership – lessons from leading people across cultures – Wojciech Czyżewski

New Product Development – Goran Gakidiev

Microsoft teams – Goran Mrvos


Catalin Dogaru Servant Leadership

Yours PMI Macedonia Chapter