Organizing an event it’s not an easy task, especially if it organized and run by volunteers!

First we would like to thank our guests for visiting us, our presenters for accepting our call to share some of their knowledge with our colleagues, and finally the board team that made this happen: Dolores, Ana, Vangel, Neda, and Tomislav.

We finally managed to wrap-up our impressions from the event.

We had more then 60 guests on the event, and 8 presenters.

The event was opened by the vice-dean for education M-me Sonja Gegovska Zajkova. She stressed the effort FEIT is giving in the field of project management since 2004, when the first two curricula were created, from 2008 FEIT had there own accredited study program for Project management. The whole speech can be found here: Продекан Зајкова – Отворање ПМИ

Vice- Dean Zajkova

Then we had a welcoming speech from our president Tomislav Limbevski, he presented the mission, vision and strategic goals of our chapter.

PMI Macedonia President

Our special guest – Catalin Dogaru, introduced us to to Servant Leadership, historically and conceptually. Catalin told us the place of the Servant-Leadership in the field of leadership theories, we’ve learned about the 10 characteristics of Servant Leadership.
He instructed us how to use these characteristics to create a Circle of Safety in the project, protecting the team from the outside pressure and bringing greater work performance, professional and personal development and higher commitment fot the project and its objective/results.


Servant Leadership Exercise

Servant Leadership Exercise

Servant Leadership Exercise 2

Servant Leadership Exercise 3

Servant Leadership Exercise 3

Servant Leadership Exercise 4

Servant Leadership Exercise 4

Our colleague Vangel Fushtikj PhD, introduced us to the efforts of the universities for practical knowledge in the project environment, today’s engineering workforce and the needs of this workforce, Veangel introduced us to the latest Project Management trends, and the achievements made by FEIT-UKIM in the field of Project Management education.

Vangel Fushtikj PhD

Neda Kaleshovska brought us an interesting presentation regarding the PMO.
This was and opportunity for all us to learn what PMO is, the role of PMO in a organization, she made a good comparison of the life of a Project Manager in organization with and without PMO. She pointed out the value of PMO and made an introduction to PMO 2.0 as well as the status of PMO in Macedonia.

Neda Kaleshovska

Our partner Aleksandar Iloski from MQS showed us which ISO Standards are applicable to Project Management.
He presented us two standards: ISO 21500:2012 Guidance on project management and ISO 10006:2017 Quality management – Guidelines for quality management in projects. If you are interested in learning more regarding these standards, you can contact them directly via their contact form.

Aleksandar Iloski, MQS

Marjan Gjorgjiev explained us in details what a “Killer” Project Management is based on his personal experience, as well as which “killer” strategies can be used by the Project Managers.

Marjan Gjorgiev

Aleksandar Stevkovski and Olga Pujaz showed us how does a project management day looks like in Production Environment.

Aleksandar Stevkovski & Olga Pujaz

Vasil Buraliev gave an interesting overview of what a day of Remote Project Manager means, and which obstacles he faces while managing remote projects in his company, and most importantly he show the participants tips and tricks for successful remote project management.

Vasil Buraliev – Managing Projects Remotely

The last but not the least was Goran Chamurovski, he showed us what GDPR is, what GDPR means for a company, and he showed us some examples of risks while implementing GDPR with clients.

Goran Chamurovski

Normally, this event coundn’t be done without the help of our student volunteers: Matej Dodevski, and Stefan Ananiev, and the board members, BIG THANK YOU!!!

Young Student Volunteers

Organization team

At the end of the conference we had a nice buffet and fruitful conversations with our members and visitors of the conference.


Networking session

PMI Macedonia

We hope to see you soon on our next session/meeting

See you again!

The presentations from the event can be found here:

01.PMI Macedonia Chapter PMIMK

03.Practical University Education in Project Management for a New Business and Economic Environment

04.Project Management Office – a Necessity or a Luxury

05.Application of ISO Management Standards in Project Management

06.Killer Project Management

07.Project Management in Production Environment

08.Managing Projects Remotely

09.GDPR project Implementation Theory and Practice