PMI Macedonia Event

PMI Macedonia Event

Project Management Institute Macedonia Chapter is organizing its first official event:

Project Management Easy in Theory, but Difficult in Practice!

The renowned PMI Regional Member, Catalin Dogaru, will be joining us to present the topic “Servant Leadership” addressing the critical dimensions:

  • Service to others and to own self;
  • Growth for both the leader and the followers.

We will also have experts from different industries sharing their project management experience and knowledge with you, giving you insights into Project Management practices today and giving you something you can take with you, think about, and apply in your daily practice.

The Experts:

  • Neda Kaleshovska
  • Olga Pujaz
  • Vasil Buraliev
  • Aleksandar Iloski
  • Vangel Fustikj
  • Marjan Gjorgjiev
  • Aleksandar Stevkovski
  • Goran Chamurovski

The Program:

  • Project Management Office – a necessity or a luxury?
  • Project Management in Production Environment
  • Remote Project Management
  • Application of ISO Management Standards in Project Management
  • Practical University Education in Project Management for a New Business and Economic Environment
  • Killer Project Management
  • GDPR Project Implementation Theory and Practice


We hope to see you October 17th for this project management information-packed day.

The event is free of charge so be sure to sign up and claim your spot. The reservation is on the base first come first serve.